Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last night's dinner

Last night I cooked dinner for the roomies, and I'd say it went over rather well...

Everyone cleaned their plate

We went shopping at Sidi's, the grocery store right near our apartment that has great prices. We decided to have fresh pasta which cost only 1,10 Euro ($1.50) and we still have leftovers.

I also grilled some chicken, and my roommate Jen cut up some fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. A little pesto and parmigiano reggiano made the dish complete! We ate it with fresh bread dipped in olive oil and drank red wine that we bought at the supermarket for 4 Euro and change (about $6.50...I love how inexpensive it is here, and the fact that you can buy it at the grocery store. :))

The whole meal


I am officially in love with fresh pasta, and never want to go back to dried again. Also, I'm going to be really sad when I go home and it's not as easy to find such great ingredients for so cheap...it's amazing the quality of food you get here for the very low price. The Italians really do eat so much better than we do!


linanne1 said...

Looks like you've become an accomplished cook! Your meal looks delicious. love, Aunt LindaXXX