Friday, September 4, 2009

The best pizza I've ever tasted

I've heard about Simone's Pizzeria from a student at TCNJ who studied here last semester. She told me it's the best pizza in town, and our program leaders said the same thing.

Yesterday, my roommates and I were starving after walking around the Colosseum and the Roman Forum all day, so we stopped at Simone's after we took the bus home. Conveniently (or not so conveniently for my waistline), Simone's is across the street from our apartment and is less than a five minute walk away. The place itself is teeny tiny...there's no tables inside and the aisle in front of the counter can only fit one row of people...and even that's crowded.

But my oh my, is it worth it...

They have all the pizza lined up on the counter and they cut a long rectangular slice for you. Then the heat it up, and when it's finished the fold the rectangle over to make a square and wrap it up so you can walk and eat (this type of pizza eaten on the go is called pizza rustica.) The workers were very friendly and most of the crowd inside seemed to be locals, so I could tell that everyone was not kidding when they said that this is the best pizza place in town.

I chose the pizza with the biggest, juiciest, freshest tomatoes I've ever tasted, and awesome fresh mozzarella

Yup, needless to say, this addiction is going to get me into trouble.

PS - If I can't find pizza like this in the United States when I come home, then I'm moving here. :)


linanne1 said...

I'm kinda thinking that pizza looks different and a whole lot healthier than the stuff we have here. Rock on! ( in the best moderation you can) I know I wouldn't have the will power. Try to get that recipe. It looks awesome. Aunt LindaXXX