Thursday, September 24, 2009

First trip

Tomorrow one of my roommates and I are off to our first weekend trip!

We're taking the train to Venice and checking into our hotel there, then taking a day trip to Verona (which was the setting of the story of Romeo and Juliet).

On Saturday we're spending the whole day in Venice, and on Sunday we're taking a short trip to Padova to have lunch with my friend from home who is studying there for the semester. Our train leaves Venice at 3pm on Sunday and we'll get back to Rome around 7pm.

It should be an awesome weekend...I will definitely have lots of pictures to share when I get home. :)


Anonymous said...

oh hai! maybe you should take a day trip to england and pick me up a certain red-headed souvenir! yesssss.

ps. guess who this is.... boop.

Danielle said...

Lol question: why would you want a hot mess ginger when you could have a hot tall, dark and handsome man?

Just wondering....:P