Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last night in Sorrento

(Wow, I am so far behind...I was away this weekend and I never got to finish recapping this trip before I left. I'm going to do one post a day now for the next few days so I can be caught up through this weekend. After this post, I will write about Pompei, which was last Sunday (10/4) then I'll start writing about this weekend.)

When we got back from Capri it was around 7pm, and we had the night free. We all went back to the hotel and showered and relaxed, then went out for dinner around 9:15.

We decided to go to a little place that some of our other friends had gone to the night before and raved about. It's called Trattoria da Emilia and it is a very authentic, local place...definitely off the beaten path so not very known by locals (our friends found out about it by asking the hotel concierge). It was right on the water and so gorgeous.

My view during dinner

This place was no frills...I loved it! Just great, homemade food. They offered house wine by the liter, so of course we took them up on that offer :)

One of my roommates and I shared the house antipasti, which was very good

The best ravioli I have EVER eaten. I'm still dreaming about it...

Homemade lemon cake...this was awesome because the Campania region of Italy is known for its lemons (to make Limoncello, etc.) so it was extra good

Despite what I ate, this place's specialty is definitely seafood. Since it's right on the water, they catch everything fresh and about 80% of the menu was seafood dishes. Since I don't like seafood I didn't order any, but some of my friends did and they said it was the best seafood they've ever had.

Me and two of my roommates

The whole group of us

View behind me...pretty lights up the mountain

After we finished dinner we walked back to the center of town and relaxed at a little outdoor bar for a bit. We each got a drink and hung out...the bar we chose was like a lounge too so there were tables outside as well as couches and stuff.

Next up...the final part of our trip...Pompei!