Monday, October 5, 2009


On our last day, we headed to Padova for a few hours so I could visit my friend Kristen who is studying there for the semester.

She met us at the train station, and gave us a tour of the city. We passed a huge market while we were walking...everything looked so good

Kristen being a fabulous tour guide

This is the University of Padova, where she studies. Galileo used to teach here...which gives you an idea of how old the school is

The University used to put up a plaque for each person who earned a degree, but that had to stop because there were already too many plaques...

Kristen took us to a cafe afterwards to wait for her friends so we could all go to lunch

After lunch we headed to Prato della Valle, the second largest piazza in all of Europe. It was HUGE

Finally we went to the Basilica of Saint Anthony. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but St. Anthony's body & tomb are inside of this church and I got to touch the was pretty amazing

The trip wouldn't have been complete without some gelato...this wins the award of the second-best gelato I've had in Italy (second only to Giolitti, the most famous gelateria in Rome.) Thank you Padova...

I'm so glad we decided to make a stop in Padova, even if it was a short one. It is definitely a city that I wouldn't have made it to if it weren't for Kristen studying there, and it was great so I'm glad we went!


linanne1 said...

Magnifico! Did I spell that right? Oh by the way Uncle Butch wonders when r u going to go clubing?? DUH! (the moron speaks)