Friday, December 18, 2009

Danielle at home?

So today I leave Rome and head home. The ISA shuttle bus will leave at 6:45am, which is in about six hours. My flight leaves Rome at 10:10am and gets into Frankfurt two hours later. I have an hour layover, and then I will leave Frankfurt at 1:15pm and arrive in Newark at 4:20pm. If only the flight from Frankfurt to Newark was three hours as the times suggest...try nine! Not looking forward to that.

Instead of writing a post about how sad I am to be leaving Rome, I will wait until I'm home and settled because I still have a bunch of things to blog about that I never got the chance to. I'm praying that the snow storm will hold off until after I get home. It would be nice to have some snow starting to fall when I leave the airport :)

A presto!